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Agnetha Sjögren


Born in Sweden and now based in London Agnetha has enjoyed a successful career in design consultancy, working as an interior designer and going on to found her own cutting-edge design agency. This multi-disciplinary background gave her a strong grounding in both art and design, and put quality and sustainability at the heart of her creative thinking. Each of her dazzling handmade dogs – part Labrador, part Dalmatian, part cartoon – is authenticated with its personalised name tag, collar and story contained within a signed ‘mini passport’.

Playful and imaginative, Agnetha’s exquisitely hand-crafted one-of-a-kind sculptures have proved as irresistible to art lovers as the dogs they represent are to pet lovers. While their shape, stance and attitude are completely true to life, Agnetha uses their surfaces to tell a vibrant series of stories, each one unique to its canine canvas. She is inspired by her love of art, and cites Giacometti, Grayson Perry, Jeff Koons and Andy Warhol amongst her influences, along with some of the finest comic book illustrators of the 20th century, partularly Tintin’s famous creator, Hergé.

Agnetha is building an enviable reputation for her distinctive sculptures, which have been featured in high-end magazines including Vogue, Elle and Design Week, as well as enchanting the audience when they made guests appearances at fashion shows in Moscow and New York City.

They have made an impact at venues as varied as the International Finance Centre in Shanghai, OCC for Contemporary Art in LA, the Rosewood Hotel in London, Qingdao Sculpture Museum in China and even on the London Underground.

Since she was named on the Aesthetica Wish List alongside pieces by Stella McCartney, Louis Vuitton and Iris Apfel, Agnetha has become even more highly sought after and can be found in the collections of many famous and private collectors, including Angelina Jolie and Jude Law.

“I have almost forgotten that they’re dogs. To me, they become a three dimensional canvas that I appropriate in the way another artist would use a flat surface, and use as a means to tell my stories.”  

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