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Dot Art Marilyn Monroe by Andre Monet

André Monet



Born in Montreal, Monet studied graphic design at Laval University while exploring other mediums in fine art. He worked in fashion and advertising before he dedicated himself to being a full-time artist. Monet has explored various media such as mosaic, collage and acrylics.

Inspired by cinema, photography, music and literature, Monet has a natural connection and sense for current society and its contemporaries. His signature style, a conceptual assemblage of text, texture and color exudes the eccentricity and empowerment of its time, exemplifying the characters and personalities of its icons.
Portraiture dominates his oeuvre, but not just any kind of portrait. His signature style blends a collage of old newspapers and books to the traits of his characters, rendering them with such precision, giving the illusion of a photograph.

His new series of DOTArt is Monet’s return to his graphic design roots. Mixing striking imagery, trompe l’œil and his signature use of textures, Andre Monet has creates an entirely new universe of visual effects and beauty.
With an ever-expanding demand for his works, Monet’s portraits have been exhibited in Paris, London, New York, Seoul, Singapore, Miami, Oslo, Cannes, Montreal, Dubai, Hong Kong, Berlin, Cologne, Dusseldorf, Hamburg, Stuttgart, Munich, Frankfurt, Zurich, Vienne, Madrid, Melbourne and Moscow and Athens.
Monet lives in Athens with his wife Joanne Vrakas and their two sons.


1984-1987 Graphic Design Bachelor in Université Laval
1982-1984 Diploma in Fine Arts at Collège André Grasset


André Monet has more than 20 years of work experience as an Art director, illustrator, graphic designer for marketing
agencies and fashion agencies.

2022  «Legends», Kapopoulos fine art, Athens, Greece
2021  «Portraits», Lumas Gallery, Victoria, Australia
2021  «Pop culture», La Hune, Paris, France
2019  «André Monet», Galerie De Bellefeuille, Montreal, Canada
2018  «André Monet», Galerie De Bellefeuille, Toronto, Canada
2018  «Portrait of a Lady», Opera Gallery, Seoul
2016  «Shades of Blue», Opera Gallery, Monaco
2016  «André Monet», Galerie De Bellefeuille, Montreal, Canada
2016  «Don't stop the music», Lumas Gallery, Berlin, Cologne, Dusseldorf, Hamburg, Stuttgart, Munich, Frankfurt, Paris, London
2014  «VIP», Galerie DeBellefeuille, Montreal, Canada
2014  «Impression of Singapore», Opera Gallery, Singapore
2014 «The Great American Icons», Opera Gallery, Seoul, South Korea
2013 «Nowness!»,Art Walk and Opera Gallery, Cannes, France
2013 «The many faces of David Bowie», Opera Gallery, London,England
2013 «Contemporary icons», Art Walk and Opera Gallery, Oslo, Norway
2013 « Paris Match, une histoire de couvertures» Opera Gallery Paris
2012 « Visage» Opera gallery, Seoul, South Korea
​2012 « Nobody else but you» Opera gallery, Singapore Ion
2012 « I want to be loved by you» Opera gallery, Paris, France
​2011 « Black and White»  Opera gallery, Seoul, South Korea
2011   Opera Galley, Hong Kong
2011 «Retrospective», Galerie Lydia Monaro, Montreal, Canada
2011 « Nuit Rouge », Galerie Lydia Monaro, Montreal, Canada
2010 « Small Sizes », Galerie Lydia Monaro, Montreal, Canada
2010 « André Monet », Opera Gallery, New York, USA
2010 « Face à face », Opera Gallery, Paris, France
2010 « Les nuits blanches », Galerie Lydia Monaro, Montreal, Canada
2009 « X-mas exhibition », Galerie Lydia Monaro, Montreal, Canada
2008 « Brilliance of being », Thompson Landry Gallery, Toronto, Canada
2007 « Caractères » Galerie Lydia Monaro, Montreal, Québec
2006 « Mouvement de masse », Galerie Lydia Monaro, Montreal, Québec
2006 « Group Show », Thompson and Landry Gallery, Toronto, Ontario

​2019 Art Miami
2018 Art Miami
2018 Toronto International Art Fair
2017 Toronto International Art Fair
2017 Art Plam Beach
2016 Toronto International Art Fair
2015 Art Plam Beach
2015 Context Art Miami
2015 Toronto International Art Fair
2015 Art Miami New York
2015 Art Plam Beach
2014 Toronto International Art Fair
2014 Expo Chicago
2014 Art Show Busan, South Korea
2010 Toronto International Art Fair

1991 Three Honourable mentions, Forum Marketing
1989 Diapason Grand Prize, Forum Marketing
1988 Great Distinction, Graphisme, Québec

Globe Capital Management, Winnipeg


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