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Donald 3d Sculpture by Antonis Kiourktis

Antonis Kiourktsis



Born in Athens (1981), Antonis Kiourktsis is an architect and a digital artist. He studied architecture in University of Thessaly (Volos, Greece) and contextual design in Design Academy Eindhoven (MDes Contextual Design - Onassis foundation Scholarschip).

He believes there is no boundary between art, design & architecture and he experiments with different media in order to express his vision.

Antonis Kiourktsis is represented by Mamush Gallery since 2016.

He has participated in international art exhibitions, competitions and special commisions by presenting his work and granting prizes. He worked & collaborated closely with greek sculptor Takis in K.E.T.E. the Research Center for Arts and Science, Athens, Greece. Since 2010, he co-funded Jazzt Design studio that focuses in conceptual design & limited production of objects and furniture.

At the moment he is based in Athens, works and exhibits in a variety of fields from art to industrial design & architecture.


2015, Participation in the exhibition “It’s all, oh so souvenir to me! Vol.3 @ Benaki Museum ” with Jazzt Design, project title “Kollitiria” jewerly, Athens, Greece.

2014, Participation in the exhibition “3Dprinting” with Jazzt Design, project title “Made On You” jewerly, Athens, Greece.

2014, Participation in the exhibition “Index 2014” with Jazzt Design, project title “Sweet Lace & Holy Granmats!” furniture&objects, Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

2014, Participation in “3DPrintshow”, travelling exhibition, (Sculpture), New York, USA / London, UK / Paris, France.

2014, Participation in the exhibition “Anti Design 2014” with Jazzt Design, project title “ConMonk” coat rack, Technopolis, Athens,Greece.

2013, Participation (after competition) in the exhibition “Greek Design=Good Design” with Jazzt Design, Athens, Greece.

2013, Participation in the exhibition “FURNIDEC BUSINESS ATHENS INTERIOR SHOW 2013” with Jazzt Design, Athens, Greece.

2013, Participation in “Open Call Athens Biennale 2013”, project title "Inmotion", Athens, Greece.

2013, Participation  (after competition) in the exhibition “ΠΑΜΕ ΕΞΩ” with Jazzt Design, project title “A Line”, Technopolis, Athens,Greece.

2012, Presentation of “Nude under the Sun” (Sculpture), SIAKOS.HANAPPE House of Art Gallery, Athens, Greece.

2012, Participation (after competition) in 1st International Biennale of Arts in Santorini, project title "Nude under the Sun"(Sculpture) ,Santorini, Greece.

2012, Participation (after competition)  in the exhibition “Memorabilia, designing souvenirs”  with Jazzt Design, project title “Holy Granmats!” ,Liege, Belgium.

2012, Participation in the exhibition “Design Lab 2012” with Jazzt Design, project title “Sweet Lace”, Technopolis, Athens, Greece.

2011, Participation in the exhibition “Masters Graduation 2011”, project title “Μotion solidified through software” Design Academy Eindhoven, The Netherlands.

2011, Participation in the exhibition “Hacking the city” part of the Dutch Design Week 2011, , Eindhoven, The Netherlands.

2011, "PXL chair" designed for Campana Workshop in Athens in production for the restaurant area of NEW Hotel in Athens, Greece

2009, Participation in the exhibition “Remap KM 2” with “Φ16 Workshop”, Installation “Tapedscape #1”, Athens, Greece.

2009, Participationn in the exhibition “Heaven -2nd Biennale of Athens” member of the Broadcasting Group, Athens, Greece.

2009, Participation in exhibition “Design 2009”, Campana Workshop in Athens, PXL chair prototype, Cyprus Embassy “House of Cyprus”, Athens, Greece

2008-2009, Participation at “Campana Workshop” in close collaboration with Campana Brothers for the renovation project of NEW Hotel in Athens, Greece

2008-2009 Research & Architectural Design Proposal for the “Museum of KETE Research Center for the Arts and Science” founded by Greek sculptor Takis, Athens, Greece.

2008, Exhibition Design “Takis Magnetic Walls”, Xippas Gallery Pavilion, International art fair Art Athina, Athens, Greece.

2008, Participation in exhibition “THE CAMPANAS IN ATHENS” ,Albion Gallery, London, UK.

2008, Participation in workshops and exhibition “Kam Supermarket 2008” project title “Hologram SuperPark”, KAM, Chania, Greece.

2008, Participation in exhibition “ARTISANS.Workshops of words, designs, images”.Byzantine and Christian Museum, Athens, Greece.

2006, Exhibition of photographic series regarding the documentation of sculptor Takis work “Hydromagnetic Fields”, Xippas Gallery, Athens,

2006, Participation in exhibition “What remains is future” with artist Alexandros Psychoulis and the “Poets In Siesta”(as  member of “Poets In Siesta”) at “Old Arsakeion School of Patras”, Patra, Greece.

2003, Participation in exhibition “Urban Shelter”, project title “Utopies”, Nees Morfes gallery, Athens, Greece

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