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Selfie Artwork by Brigitte Polemis

Brigitte Polemis



Brigitte's work is caught between the disciplines of photography, printing, design and sculpture. Her work is defined by her minimal aesthetics of colour, line and form. Herchoice of Perspex as her media, the use of technologies and her attention to high production values, gives her artwork a very contemporary feel. in addition, the use of the multiple motif and lined backgrounds ads elements of surreal, optical and pop art, that in her work find a new unique expression.

Brigitte Polemis is represented by Mamush Gallery from June 2016.

In her new series of work, she questions issues of conformity and standardization as the effects of industrialisation are becoming evident in every aspect of our lives. The use of the faceless male figurine in mupltiples conveys the objectification of the individual and the senseless reproduction reflecting our consumer society. The subtle use of colour serves as traces of hope amongst the grays and blacks that represent sentiments of desperation.

The spaced out multiple layers of Perspex, become the vehicles for a simultaneous background, middle ground and foreground, which enable her to switch back and forth with reality and illution. The lined backgrounds create optical illutions as the viewer moves closer, further of along the images. Her theatrical wheel compositions, reminiscent of scenes in romantic films of the 60's, in which human formations would create moving shapes of opening and closing flowers, are full of movement as if they are the documentation of a meticulously staged performance that took place elsewhere.


2015 - Ageannale Kivotos Gallery Mykonos Greece

2015 - Albermarle Gallery London United Kingdom

2015 - Blender Gallery Affordable Art Fair London United Kingdom

2014 - Tsichritzis Foundation Athens Greece

2014 - Albemarle Gallery London United Kingdom

2014 - Galerie Vanessa Quang, Paris France

2014 - Ageannale Kivotos Gallery Mykonos Greece

2014 - BP Studio Exhibition Andros Greece

2014 - Blender Gallery Athens Greece

2014 - Mihalarias Gallery Athens Greece

2013 - Ageannale Kivotos Gallery, Mykonos, Greece

2013 - BP Studio Exhibition Andros Greece

2013 - FAF GALLERY - THE HENRY CLAY Louisville, Kentaky U.S.A

2013 - Albemarle Gallery, London, United Kingdom

2013 - ATHENAIS CULTURAL CENTER Desmos Charity Silent Auction

2012 - LIBERTY SHIP MUSEUM – Solo Exhibition Athens, Greece

2011 – VRYSSAKI GALLERY-Group Exhibition, Plaka, Athens, Greece

2011 – ATHENS FRINGE FESTIVAL, Gazi District, Athens, Greece

2010 – DESIGN DISTRICT-Group Exhibition, Miami, USA

2010 – ART MIAMI, Michael Rosen, Miami, USA

2009 – ENIGMA GALLERY-Group Exhibition, Athens, Greece

2007 – ENIGMA GALLERY-Group Exhibition, Athens, Greece

2004 – UNESCO PALACE-Group Exhibition, Beirut, Lebanon

2002 – THE GALLERY AT OXO-Private Exhibition, South Bank, London


2002 – THE NUNNERY-Private Exhibition, Bow Street, London

2001 - REBECCA WORDWORTH CONTEMPORARY ART-Private Exhibition, Babington House, Bath

2001 – GALLERY K-Private Exhibition, Hampstead Village, London

2000 – BONHAMS CHARITY AUCTION, Knightsbridge, London

2000 – GALLERY K-Group show, Hampstead Village, London

2000 - GASWORKS-Private Exhibition, Fulham, London

1999 - Barkston Gardens-Private exhibition, South Kensington, London

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