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Black and White Flower Heart Papier-mâché by Marianna Dervos Mamush Gallery

Marianna Dervos



Marianna Dervos is a visual artist, art historian, and writer currently based in Athens. She graduated from the Art Theory & History Dept. and the Fine Arts Dept. of the Athens School of Fine Arts with a BFA in Sculpture. Over the last three years she has been working as an art teacher, and she has also created many educational projects regarding to art. She has published one poetry collection and two artists books, and has participated in numerous exhibitions in Greece and abroad.

Her work is primarily focused on sculpture, photography and text, with the main core of interest being language and communication: the ability or inability to converse with the other, matters of personal experience, trauma -either physical or psychological- and whatever could possibly affect people, are among my major concerns. The material which is used is almost always paper, as a symbol of fragility. Her approach, which is often expressed through poetry, is based on self- criticism and sarcasm - with the latter being used as a way of confronting hurtful or uncomfortable situations.


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