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Art book: All you need is Greece

Caroline Rovithi

Art Book "All you need is Greece"  by Caroline Rovithi.

Publisher: KEYBOOKS.
Language: English.
Pages: 196.
Type: hardcover, large coffee table book.
Dimensions: 36 cm height x 24,5 cm width x 1,8 cm depth.
Weight: 1,500 gr
ISBN: 978-618-5265-68-7

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The mission of this book is to promote Hellenism and love for Greece worldwide by creating bright, bold and empowering works of art showcasing the beauty, spirit and strength of our country even in turbulent times.

ALL YOU NEED IS GREECE is a collection of works that capture the essence of Hellas. Iconic symbols bridge history with the modern era blending Greece's heroic past with bright colors and contemporary imagery.




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Art Book "All you need is Greece" by Caroline Rovithi.

Publisher: KEYBOOKS
Language: English
Pages: 196
Type: hardcover, large coffee table book.
Dimensions: 36 cm height x 24,5 cm width x 1,8 cm depth
ISBN: 978-618-5265-68-7
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PREFACE  by the President of the Greek National Tourism Organization,

Ms Angela Gerekou:

"It is with great pleasure that I express my appreciation for the creator of All You Need Is Greece, Caroline Rovithi, and Key Books for com- ing out with this exceptional book, published with the support of the Greek National Tourism Organization.

I met the Greek artist Caroline Rovithi recently but was closely following her work with admiration. Through her creations I feel her love for Greece! With her magical touch she conveys beautiful messages for our country.

With Caroline we share something in common... Greece is our greatest inspiration. We draw strength from its history, its light, its sea, its aura and from everything it represents and offers so open-handedly.

I hope that through these pages you will feel and dream the blues of the sea and sky, the blue hues of our Greece, and enjoy the artist’s imaginative creations as you embark on an unforgettable and unique journey!"

"This country is a worκ of art, a masterpiece which I am blessed and privileged to experience everyday. Living in Greece gives me the strength and drive to create art, to inspire, motivate, and celebrate my country. I hope that you enjoy this book as much as I did when creating it.

A colorful heartfelt journey that hopefully will make you realize that: "All you need is Greece!" - Caroline Rovithi


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