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March 10, 2021
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Art Comic Characters... One Is Not Enough.

Presenting the ‘Comic' Series by Irene Vergitsi In her latest series.

Presenting the ‘Comic' Series by Irene Vergitsi

In her latest series, Irene Vergitsi, a Greek born artist and designer is exploring her favourite animation characters. By looking closely and analysing them she presents a journey to different times, where character traits arise from them. Memories come together, intricate shapes and lines help them connect and take form. The characters’ initial form is geometrically abstracted, the alteration process represents the fading of memories through the years. Color is abstractly placed accentuating different parts of the synthesis. The titles are contradictory to the characters along with the relationship they have with the added objects they interact with. No one is who they appear to be.


Art comic characters. The more the merrier.


A collection of 50 characters has been presented exclusively through Mamush Gallery. The original artworks drawn with pen and acrylics on paper and a special trial proof edition of 9 for each, where the color is uniquely hand-painted and the black line printed. These where the initial color proofs before deciding on the colours for the original ones. The size of the trial proof editions is slightly bigger (28,5 x 28,5) whereas the originals are at 25x25cm unframed.



Art comic characters. There's more folks!


The series has been an absolute hit as one can also order larger scale commissions or character combinations or even add initials on the trial proof editions. Since the love for these characters goes back many years there has been a unique connection with them. It is touching to see when a viewer has linked memories of his childhood with a certain animation character. And that is unquestionably a very powerful link we are gladly helping revive.



Art comic characters... One is not enough.


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