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March 29, 2021
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We Don’t Just Make Personalized Art Gifts. We Make Personalized Art Gifts Better.

How do you create an everlasting memory? Make an ‘art-note’ of a special occasion and cherish it forever. Ask our gallery's team for more.

How do you create an everlasting memory?

Make an ‘art-note’ of a special occasion and cherish it forever.
Ask our gallery's team for more ideas about personalising your art gifts the "Mamush-way". Is it an initial? A name? A special date? Creatively added text and symbols on artworks turn multiple edition art pieces into unique memorabilia for you and your loved ones.


How do you make the right choice?


Ideal gift ideas about love


At Mamush Gallery's online shop you can visit the page GIFT IDEAS, browse through the filters at the left side of the site and find ideal gifts for birthdays, christenings, newborn babies, weddings, for your friends and loved ones, for you and your families.

It is time to make that memory timeless!

You can search based on the artist's name, type of artwork or price range and make your choice! And if you haven't found what inspires you don't have to waste time looking around and instead contact us so we can find the best solution and idea for your occasion!


How do you want to present the art gift you will offer?


Every giftbox has a story

Ask about personalisation via email or by phone. We are always eager to provide the best possible application for your special customisable order.

Your choice will remain an everlasting art piece with a unique added factor. There are numerous ideas and applications we could propose to you depending your given brief. Of course an art gift wouldn't be as great without a unique gift packaging and handwritten wish card.

From start to finish we offer tailor-made solutions for the art of gifting!

Deliveries can be made in Greece or abroad via courier services or private transportation services.


How can I know beforehand the result?


Details that make a difference

Needless to worry about that. We can show you photographs of similar customisable creations showcasing the various possibilities so you will have no uncertainty choosing what suits you best.

For example on the left you can see the result of a telephone order that started with a request about the sculpture "Love me" by Stathis Alexopoulos. Our client wanted to gift this sculpture to her dearest friend for her 40th Birthday.

Our proposal was to use a new limited edition color, to request the sculptor to engrave the special note on the sculpture before the colouring process and not on the marble base. Therefore through the final result the wishes will discretely remain there forever in her heart.

"Discrete" is the main keyword here as we believe that the message has to be there as an underlining effect and not overpowering the artwork. Of course there is a timeframe for your order as the artists themselves have to manually work on the customisation process therefore the level of your request for customisable art relates to the time given to us.

The more time we have the more options for you.


We make Personalized Art Gifts Better

Ηow can you get in touch with us?

You can ask about the personalisation process via e-mail or by phone. We will gladly provide the best solutions for you and your loved ones. After all, the art of gifting is a unique experience, one we hold very highly here at the gallery!

Call us at (+30) 210 62 32 900 or e-mail us at art@mamushgalleryshop.com and drop us a note for the occasion and the gift you would like to give and within a few hours you will receive all options! Happy gifting!


Sculptures by Stathis Alexopoulos Collection for personalized gifts about love:

Heart "Love me", Infinity, Teddy in love. Find out more here!

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